Real Estate Commitment to Sustainability

700 Bourke Street is committed to achieving long term sustainable outcomes by addressing Environment, Social and Governance matters


700 Bourke Street is Victoria's first 6-star Green Star performance rating. With a score of 81 points, the building well exceeded the 75 points required for the 6-star rating. With the performance rating achieved, 700 Bourke Street now boasts a triple 6-star rating, having previously secured 6-star ratings for the Design and As Built stages.

The 6 star performance rating represents world leadership in environmentally sustainable building operations. Only three other buildings in Australia have achieved this result to date. The Green Star rating is awarded by the Green Building Council of Australia, which rates the design, construction and operation of sustainable buildings, fitouts and communities. 700 Bourke Street scored particularly well in the Energy section (19/24 points), Indoor Environment Quality (15/18 points), Transport (7/7 points) and Emissions category (6/6 points).


  • To minimise energy usage onsite, energy efficient light fittings have been installed alongside equipment which minimises energy usages such as variable speed drive motors for fans and pumps
  • For the base building, a gas-fired Tri-Generation system is in place to not only generate some electricity onsite, but also for use in heating hot water, domestic hot water and in the absorption chiller system to provide cooling for the base building air conditioning system
  • Water efficient fixtures and fittings
  • The black water treatment system is provided for the building to collect and recycle which is then used for the cooling towers
  • Rainwater harvesting is reused onsite for toilet flushing
  • Up to 30% of the concrete used in the building’s structure is recycled. Sustainable recycled timber flooring and joinery was also used. Recycled formwork of certified timber and reused timber from previous projects.
  • Over 80% of construction waste materials were recycled, 90% of the waste collected onsite were either reused onsite or were diverted from landfill
  • A 700m2 roof top garden – provides the NAB workforce with an outdoor space and enables NAB’s childcare facility to introduce an outdoor education programme
  • 600 bicycle spaces for our 6,000 occupants are provided onsite with 1,000 lockers and changing facilities which exceed the minimum planning and Green Star requirements
  • Solar controlled atrium to introduce natural light levels into the office space and to allow for air flow through the centre of the building, removing the need for exhaust fans


NABERS is a national rating system that measures the environmental performance of Australian buildings, tenancies and homes. Put simply, NABERS measures the energy efficiency, water usage, waste management and indoor environment quality of a building or tenancy and its impact on the environment.

It does this by using measured and verified performance information, such as utility bills, and converting them into an easy to understand star rating scale from one to six stars. For example, a 6 star rating demonstrates market-leading performance, while a 1 star rating means the building or tenancy has considerable scope for improvement.

For over ten years, NABERS has helped property owners, managers and tenants across Australia to improve their sustainability performance, reaping financial benefits and building their reputation.

NABERS is managed nationally by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, on behalf of Commonwealth, state and territory governments.

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